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Class Information for Intermediate Child 6-10 Competition Ballroom/Latin


This dance class will be strictly for those children that want to participate in dance competitions. It will be somewhat more intense and faster paced than our other children Ballroom dance classes. The goal is to teach students choreography that they will directly use for competitions. We will also stress technique, musicality and performance in every dance. Ballroom dance shoes will be required at this level.

This class is intended to prepare children for Bronze level dance competitions. We believe that your child's education should be well-rounded. Therefore we utilize the European method of teaching of dance by introducing children to both Ballroom dances (such as Waltz and Quickstep) as well as Latin dances (such as Cha Cha and Rumba). Class covers pre-bronze and bronze dance syllabus steps. However, competition is more than just memorizing the steps. Thus, we will discuss musicality and performance. We will also be running mock-rounds to simulate competition.

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